Virtual Tiger Family Simulator Wild Tiger Games 3.7 Mod Apk (unlimited money)

Virtual Angry Tiger Family Sim 3.1 Mod Apk unlimited money

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Android 5.0+

Virtual Angry Tiger Family Sim 3.1 Mod Apk (unlimited money)Have you played real-life animal games? This virtual white tiger hunting family simulator: wild tiger games are all about the tiger family routine life of tiger which is fully story based you will enjoy these free animal games. This wildness game is based on a tiger and his family which contains several wild animal attacks and bangali tiger hunting. This virtual free tiger family game is designed in a wild jungle and city full of thrilling exciting missions and challenges.

Do you want a little tiger cat as your pet tiger? Here in this virtual tiger trap family simulator, you will experience tiger hunting as you never experience before in tiger games. In this wild tiger game, you will know who is the most powerful predator in a mission which is lion vs tigeror tiger vs goats. How a deadly tiger hunts the prey and keeps his family safe from any danger you will experience in this family sim. In this angry tiger simulator cheetah family game you will experience how tiger wins the tigress for the wild jungle adventure. You have played many angry tiger games and panther family simulator fighting tiger but this time ultimate tiger family game provides you a different taste of hunting and lifestyle.

Virtual Tiger Family Simulator Modes:

This angry virtual tiger family game is designed in two phases which are i) Wild Jungle Mode ii) City Mode

Wild jungle mode is about the lifestyle of tigers family where they hunt different animal simulator 3d like rabbit, deer,zebra,wolf,beer, goat, sheep and many other animals. Where they live and feed his family from wild animals and hunters because on some levels some hunters are on hunting missions and they catch the tigress in a cage truck but the tiger will trace and follow them for his tigress.

Some missions are designed in the city where you have to complete the tasks to take down the hunters and make the mayhem in the city and find a way back to the jungle with the tigress and enjoy the jungle life again. This angry cougar family sim game is available on GOOGLE PLAY Download now.
Size Reduced
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(What’s Mod Unlimited Money )

Mod  menu – Unlimited resources (Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Gems/Builder Gold/Builder Elixir) – Increased training camp and spell factory size – Private server – Everything Files


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