Reignus Paths (Strategic Roguelike) 2.21 Mod Download – for android

Reignus Paths Strategic Roguelike 2.21 Mod Download for android

Free download Reignus Paths (Strategic Roguelike) Mod Download – for android developed by KAKAKAKA latest mod file for android mobiles. download updated apks with fastest speed it’s totally free.

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Android 4.0.3+

Reignus Paths (Strategic Roguelike) Mod Download – for android – Reignus Paths its a Hard Roguelike game with Turn-based Battles, using a customizable Hero from various classes, items, artifacts and a small deck of 8 skills.

There are a lot of different strategies that you can try using more than 100 “Traits” altering the skills and artifacts so try to get a synergy in your deck and fulfill your weaknesses with your artifacts and items.

And to help your Heroes against unlucky times or great menaces, there is a feature called “Extraction” that allows to save or switch equipment and skills for later on the journey or to future Heroes. It also allows to level up your skills spending “Extracts” obtained from monsters and events. (At Lv.5 the skills unlocks a special effect)

At the Start of the game and after clearing a Zone in larger Adventures you need to pick which of the 3 Zones visit.
Each Zone has his own set of Monsters, Traps and Special Events.

Sometimes after defeating a monster the Sanctuary will be activated, showing some equipment from fallen heroes of all classes that can be bought with souls, choose wisely because after each buy all available elements will be replaced.

To successfully complete an Adventure you need to defeat the Emperors of the Zones that you visit . Then you can save some of the equipment to upgrade your “Mecha” and battle against others in the Arena.
Reignus Paths (v2.26)
– Updated some Skills.
– Fixed Known Bugs.

Reignus Paths (v2.24)
– New Discard Mechanic: Once per Turn, you can Discard a Skillcard of your Hand to get +1 TimeShard. (By Checking Details of the Skill and then Pressing the Discard button on Bottom)

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  1. Bug Fixed
  2. Version Updated
  3. Easy Download
  4. Reignus Paths (Strategic Roguelike) MOD + APK with unlimited coins and money files included

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