Path of Idling: Idle RPG 0.44352 Mod Download – for android

Path of Idling Idle RPG 0.44352 Mod Download for android

Free download Path of Idling: Idle RPG Mod Download – for android developed by KAKAKAKA latest mod file for android mobiles. download updated apks with fastest speed it’s totally free.

Version APP Required


Android 4.1+

Path of Idling: Idle RPG Mod Download – for android – Features:

– Passive Perks Tree: Plan your build defining route in the perks tree with over 300 nodes.

– Town: Assign workers to generate supplies needed to persevere through the higher levels. You can also research and unlock new game mechanics and automation.

– Maps: equip maps to increase enemies attributes in order to get an increase in quantity and quality of loot drops.

– Gear: Find and equip gears to modify your hero’s attributes, etc.

– Crafting: Craft gears and maps with specific parameters.

– Skills: Pair active and support skills to create unique combinations of attacks.

– Hero: Manipulate/raise attributes based on your play style / skill in use.

– Quests: Persistent/on-going quests, skill quests, prestige/ascend, loot unlocks quest.

– Offline progress: Offline progress is the same as if you were online.

– Evolving enemies: Enemies are equipped to use all the tools you get to use.
– PVP introduced. PVP is still a work in progress so expect some bugs during this update.
– PVP leaderboard also introduced.
– PVP requires internet connection and Google Play account in order to get data from the PVP database.

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Whats New

  1. Bug Fixed
  2. Version Updated
  3. Easy Download
  4. Path of Idling: Idle RPG MOD + APK with unlimited coins and money files included

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