Celestial Fleet v2 2.0.21 Mod Apk (unlimited money) latest

Celestial Fleet v2 Starfleet Warfare 2.0.13 Mod Apk unlimited money

Easily search and download millions of original Free download Celestial Fleet v2 [Starfleet Warfare] 2.0.13 Mod Apk (unlimited money) developed by Android latest file for android mobiles. download updated Mod Unlimited Money Download – for android with fastest speed it’s totally free.

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Android 5.0+

Celestial Fleet v2 [Starfleet Warfare] 2.0.13 Mod Apk (unlimited money)Powerful space fleet battles that specialize in formations!
Organize your fleet with various types of space battleships and aim to be the champion of the universe in formation battles!

Celestial Fleet is a powerful tactics battle game in which you command a fleet of ships as an admiral of Starfleet.
Supports online multiplayer and single-player.
Form a fleet with the space battleships you’ve obtained and build a formation.
Space Fleet battles are fought using an innovative system that combines real time and turn-based systems.

Celestial Fleet features]
Select your team from two different camps, the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Federation, each with its own unique characteristics.
An epic space war is about to begin in the galaxy!
Various space battleships (Star War Ships)!
Create a fleet, build up a formation, and engage in space fleet battles.
All battles are reproduced in beautiful 3D graphics!

Although it is a strategy game (RTS) / simulation game (SLG) genre, the battles are very fast and crisp.
You can play at your leisure while you are on your way to school or work.
Online battles are also supported, so you can enjoy a worldwide war with rivals from all over the world.
Defeat rivals from all over the world on the galactic front to obtain the title of Galactic Champion as a Commander.
There is also a free-to-attack mission mode that can be completed by one player.
Final missions (the final mission of each level) include a formidable large mobile fortress!

[about the space battleship]
Hundreds of space battleships (Star Ships) have appeared in the game.
There is a wide range of strategies and tactics by using a variety of ships and warships, such as cruisers, torpedo ships, warships, supply ships, etc.
You can customize and train your battleships in a variety of ways, and there are also role-playing (RPG) elements to the game.

Many of the battleships are based on the motifs of mythological and legendary weapons, warrior princesses, goddesses and heroes.
In the future, there are plans to add motifs from real battleships such as Yamato.
Beams, torpedoes and missiles, and a wide variety of armaments and equipment.
Please organize your own strongest fleet (deck).

[Game Background]
More than a thousand years have passed since humanity left Earth and ventured into space during the Galaxy Saga.
The galaxy has become an alternative age where the Empire and the Federation are divided in two.
Celestial Fleet is a game that chronicles a single era in such a universe.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to play it.
If you don’t have the time for simulation, strategy or wargames, but want to play a space-based SLG, Celestial Fleet is the perfect game for you.
Celestial Fleet is quick to play and each mission takes only a few minutes to complete, so you can play it in between commutes! You can play it during your commute!
You like shooting games that are set in outer space or in the galaxy with SF mechanics.
FPS games set in the near future, gun games, shooting games and military games.
People who like to play games with tanks, helicopters, armored weapons and fighter jets, etc.
People who enjoy playing robot and mechanical games.
People who like to play Battleship Yamato, naval and warring states games, etc.
Fixed a bug that prevented the request form from working properly.

Google Play Linkjp.coocan.game.omega_point.celestialfleet

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(What’s Mod Unlimited Money )

Mod  menu – Unlimited resources (Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Gems/Builder Gold/Builder Elixir) – Increased training camp and spell factory size – Private server – Everything Files


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