Boomplay: Play trending music & download songs 5.1.5 latest app download – for android mobile

Boomplay Play trending music download songs 5.1.5 latest app download for android mobile

Free download Boomplay: Play trending music & download songs 5.1.5 latest app download – for android mobile developed by KAKAKAKA latest file for android mobiles. download updated apks with fastest speed it’s totally free.

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Android 4.2+

Boomplay: Play trending music & download songs 5.1.5 latest app download – for android mobileListen to the latest African and international music from your favourite artists, download trending music and get all of the hottest music news. If you’re in the mood for gospel music, traditional music, or simply want to enjoy the latest Afrobeats tracks, at Boomplay you can listen to trending music you love for free!

Depending on how you feel you can download songs from an array of international music genres. From traditional music to new music, stream any song, at anytime with Boomplay. It couldn’t be easier!

Stream world music, gospel music, Afrobeats & more! 5 reasons you’ll love to listen to your favourite artists with Boomplay:

1. World music is in the palm of your hand – Get unlimited access to new music content such as Afrobeats, gospel music, and more! ?
2. Stream the songs you love – Download songs & videos from your favourite artists! ?
3. World music news 24/7 – Stay updated with upcoming releases, trending topics, and music news. ✨
4. Music made for you – Listen to Private FM which is customized for you, choose any song or one of our customised playlists to suit your mood, create your own or follow other users to see what new music they are listening to. ?
5. Stream international music hits instantly – Download songs and add them to your favourites so you can play offline. ?

Download songs from your favourite artists, play international music, and trending music videos today!

【Unlimited Music Streaming】Stream millions of Afrobeats albums, international music, and videos. Play any song whenever you want to.
【Offline Play】Subscribe to our premium plan for unlimited offline listening without using all of your data.
【Quality Playlists】Create your own or explore any of our ready-made playlists that suit your mood.
【The Latest Charts】Discover trending music charts that are updated weekly.
【Music for you】Private FM and For You section will provide music based on your listening history.

➤ Subscribe to One Day plan, One Week plan, One Month plan or Google Monthly plan to save and play any song or unlimited videos offline.
➤ Private FM: We will find the music that you love and provide it for you.
➤ Playlists: Browse through and enjoy personalised playlists created by our experienced music editors or simply create your own private playlist with your loved songs.
➤ Charts: Get to know the most-played 100 songs in your region every week.
➤ Suggested Users: Explore celebrities and other users to see, listen and download their personal playlists.
➤ Albums: Play and download your favourite albums anytime, anywhere.
➤ Pre-order: Be the first to download albums, EPs, singles and more from your favourite artists before the official release date.
➤ Equalizer: Adjust audio quality with our preset African genres.
➤ Crossfade: Enjoy our seamless Crossfade feature when you’re listening to your favourite music – that means no silence between songs.
➤ Transfer Coins: Transfer Coins to other registered users within the same country as yourself. Coins are used to make purchases or pay for subscription within the app.
➤ Lyrics: Sing along with the new music you love with lyrics synchronized to the track.
➤ Freebies: Win free Coins by playing the Lucky draw.
➤ Notifications & Chat: Be the first to know about new releases, music news and interact with other users directly.
➤ Moods: Enjoy gospel music, world music or songs suited for every mood.

For any inquiries, please email to [email protected]
1. Private FM added.
2. “For You” section added.
3. Improved Library features.
4. Daily Tasks and Novice Tasks feature added.
5. Subscribed users can cache songs while they stream.
6. Brand new User Interface.

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