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Blob io – Divide and conquer Mod Download for android

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Blob io – Divide and conquer games screenshots and mod features:

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Blob io – Divide and conquer MOD Description: is a mobile multiplayer online action game.
You start the game as a tiny bacteria, virus (Blob) in a petri dish with agar. You must try to survive by avoiding attacks by bigger players. Simultaneously, you eat food and become a bigger and bigger blob, until you are large enough to hunt other players.

The game is very immersive and has very active gameplay with a lot of action. All your enemies are real people, so you must find a good strategy to become the biggest virus plague cell on the gamefield! Anyone can become big in one moment, or lose all their progress in the next – so be carefull 🙂 Game mechanics are similar to other io games which you probably already know – but this is not diep io!

After every game session you get experience points. With those points you level up and unlock some additional features (such as bigger starting mass or exclusive skins). The more mass you make during your game session, the more experience points you get – so don’t mope, you will be paid for all your effort. Just like in other io games.

Warning! This game is very addictive and takes form you a lot of effort to survive with so much action.
So if you die in the beginning, be patient, and improve your skills 🙂

Available game modes in

– TS2v2

New game modes with more action are coming soon!

Blob io discord community:
Fixed camera and direction lines bug in DUAL
Replays sharing
Displaying detailed info about replays
Storing replay author’s userID
Fixed bug that Blob constantly opens wrong replay

Changes for snake:
Better food colors
Faster direction pointer
Adjusted camera animation
Improved handling lost cells
Fixed snake controls & theme
Fixed joining snake from friends

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Whats New

  1. Bug Fixed
  2. com.jelly.blob
  3. Version Updated
  4. Easy Download
  5. Blob io – Divide and conquer (Mod) with unlimited coins and money files included

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