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食物语新马版 Mod Apk (unlimited money)2020最火爆古风美食拟人RPG手游!


【寻味千古 续写中华美味奇缘】
【美食化魂 邂逅百位翩翩少年】
【治愈剧情 暖心美味浪漫冒险】
【餐厅经营 招待往来三界食客】
【筑梦家园 亲手打造温馨小家】
【守护空桑 多样卡牌策略搭配】

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2020’s most popular antiquity food anthropomorphic RPG mobile game!

This place is called Kongsang, which was once a fairyland where tens of thousands of souls can live and work in peace
Until that day–
Uninvited guests at the Banquet Fairy altar hit, Kongsang suffered heavy losses
The “Food Language” enshrined in the temple was destroyed, and soul eaters scattered everywhere
All memories of the past have been erased…
As the young master of Kongsang, can you let everyone gather in Kongsang again?

[Looking for a Taste Through the Ages, Continue Writing Chinese Delicious Romance]
With Chinese food allusions as the cornerstones, Beijing roast duck, Sichuan-style hot pot, Buddha jumps over the wall, clay pot rice…nearly a hundred Chinese delicacies have been transformed into handsome men under the pens of top painters. The rich food allusions create the vivid personality of every soul-eater. As Young Master Kongsang, your mission is to retrieve all the scattered soul-eaters and rebuild the bond between Soul-eaters and Kongsang!
[Gourmet Soul, Encounter Hundreds of Young Pianos]
Each Soul Eater is equipped with full Live2D animation performance, exclusive character story and full voice plot interpretation. The state-level voice actors Ajie, Bian Jiang, Wu Lei, Flimsy Phantom, Su Shangqing, Yang Tianxiang and other voices to help out, local limited food Soul “Bak Kut Teh” and “Mysterious Characters” specially invite local mysterious voice actors from Singapore and Malaysia to give their voices to experience a sultry feast!
[Healing plot, heart-warming delicious romantic adventure]
As a descendant of the God Eater, you will embark on an ups and downs adventure journey for the guardian Kongsang. In this fantasy journey, you will gradually touch the hearts of different soul eaters, and gradually grow and transform with their company…More A million-character fantasy healing plot, matched with an original plot editor, to customize the exclusive memory of you and the soul eater!
[Restaurant management to entertain diners from the Three Realms]
Managing the farm, picking ingredients, cooking, opening the door to welcome customers…This is the busy daily life of Kongsang, cooking hundreds of Chinese dishes with the soul eaters from the eight major cuisines, creating excellent delicacy for the diners from the three realms, and building the Kongsang The number one restaurant now!
[Building a dream home, creating a warm little home by yourself]
Dress up your exclusive home as you wish, DIY with colorful theme furniture~ See the soul eaters bathing, nap, swinging, playing and playing in the home garden, and discover the unique charm of different soul eaters in the day and night together!
[Guardian Kongsang, a variety of card strategy combinations]
Assemble the soul eater to form the strongest team, with thirteen combat characteristics for you to match: outbreak, group attack, healing, control, defensive, poisoning… Reasonably match the lineup according to the enemy’s weakness, and improve through the cultivation of soul eater and the matching of food utensils. Strength, defeat the Nightmare in one fell swoop, and fight to protect Kongsang!

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(What’s Mod Unlimited Money )

Mod  menu – Unlimited resources (Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Gems/Builder Gold/Builder Elixir) – Increased training camp and spell factory size – Private server – Everything Files


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