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Android 4.1+

[乃木坂46公式]乃木恋~坂道の下で、あの日僕は恋をした~ 2.5.9 Mod Apk(unlimited money) download◆ユーザー数750万人突破◆



⊿⊿ あらすじ
今年から新設される「私立乃木坂学園 芸能科」に

⊿⊿ 乃木恋の楽しみ方




⊿ 『乃木トーク』でメンバーとコミュニケーション

⊿ メンバーを育ててアプリ限定撮りおろし『ボイス』や『ストーリー』を集めよう!

⊿ 週間ライブバトルを勝ち抜いてアプリ限定撮りおろし『ムービー』を集めよう!




©乃木坂46LLC/Y&N Brothers Inc. ©allfuz Inc./10ANTZ Inc.
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⊿⊿⊿⊿⊿⊿Nogizaka46’s official smartphone game is finally here! ⊿⊿⊿⊿⊿⊿

“Which of the 46 Nogizaka members do you fall in love with? 』

⊿⊿ Synopsis
In “Private Nogizaka Gakuen performing arts department” newly established this year
You who are enrolled as the only male student.
Classmates prepare for full-scale idol activities,
Nogizaka46 members gathered in the performing arts department.
Through school life, while solving their worries and problems,
It will support activities as an idol.
And, in time to share, love with her begins.

方 How to enjoy Nogi Koi

⊿First, aim for “Under Boyfriend” of your favorite member!
If you appeal to members, love will advance
To appeal, you need an “appeal item” (heart)!
You can get it in “Search” (Quest) and “Live” (Battle)!
Once you’ve won the appeal item, appeal to your favorite members in the “classroom”!
When appealing, the intimacy rises and the love story opens! The relationship between the two is getting closer and closer …

You can promote love with multiple members at the same time, and it is up to you whether to enjoy the love with one member or the love with various members!

Aim for your under boyfriend and appeal to your favorite members!

コ ミ ュ ニ ケ ー シ ョ ン Communicate with members at “Nogi Talk”
As the relationship with members rises,
Nogi Talk (a private Nogizaka Gakuen limited communication app)
Members will send you a message

を Grow members and collect exclusive voice and voice stories and stories!
Make your members flourish, grow and gain voices and stories!

勝 Win a weekly live battle and collect “movies” for exclusive shooting of apps!
If you rank high in the live battle held every week, you can exchange “ emblems ” with movies
You can get it! Collect members’ movies using emblems

****************************************************** *****************
App body: Free (* There are some paid items.)

[Supported OS] Android4.4 or higher

[Disclaimer] (1) Support for non-recommended models and supported OS versions is not supported.
(2) Depending on the usage of the customer, the operation may be unstable even with the recommended model
(3) Regarding the supported OS version, even if “Android 4.4 or higher” is described, it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.

[Copyright] © Nogizaka46 LLC / Y & N Brothers Inc. © allfuz Inc./10ANTZ Inc.

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(What’s Mod Unlimited Money )

Mod  menu – Unlimited resources (Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Gems/Builder Gold/Builder Elixir) – Increased training camp and spell factory size – Private server – Everything Files